Lead Generation System Basics

Most people eventually realize that the first 3 ways to get leads that we’ve covered aren’t the answer for them. What most people need is a system – a lead generation system. Most people who come into your organization, even if they’ve already been involved with network marketing, still have an employee mindset. In other words, the business is much easier when they have a step by step plan to follow that someone else came up with. So even though you might think that a lead generation system is too structured and too simple, just remember that simple means easy to duplicate.

A successful lead generation system should have 3 key elements. It should offer something of value in exchange for contact information, it should help build a relationship between you and the prospect, and it should be easy to duplicate for most people. Now we’ll take a more in-depth look at each of those.

Number 1: Most people don’t want to randomly give out information to strangers. Emails and phone calls that are unwanted can become a nuisance, so most people only want to share their contact information with someone who has something they want. By offering something of value, you give your prospect a REASON to give out their email and/or phone number. Additionally, you are able to pre-filter people and target your leads.

Let’s say you are promoting a travel business. If you offer information on how to get discounted airline tickets, or on how to get free upgrades to first class, then a) people who are interested in travel will be happy to give you their contact info in exchange for that and b) the people who do give you their information are ALREADY INTERESTED in traveling. Now instead of talking to everyone, you are only talking to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Number 2: Why do you need to build a relationship? Well, let’s look around for a moment. I’m sure you’ve seen many people on the various social networking sites who post links to “an amazing ground floor opportunity positioned for explosive growth.” Or maybe they email it to you instead. It may take a minute for this to sink in, but THIS DOESN’T WORK and I can prove it to you with 2 sentences. If it was as easy as broadcasting a link to the company website, then your company wouldn’t need you. They could have one specialist do this with a mass email or ad placements, and they wouldn’t need to pay you any commissions. Does that make sense?

There’s a reason why companies need people, and why they (hopefully) pay people to promote the opportunity. People don’t join companies, they join people. Furthermore, they join people they know, like, and trust. We call this the KLT factor. You must build the KLT factor with someone before they join you, so you need to use a lead generation system that helps you do this.

Number 3: Your system should be easy to duplicate. If you have to design a website from the ground up, this can be a stumbling block. Sure, it might look really nice, but most people lack the time, skills, and/or money (if they hire someone to do it for them) to duplicate this. Maybe your plan is to contact businesses rather than individuals. You may very well find better prospects who will buy more, but a lot of people don’t have business contacts or are uncomfortable with this process. Some systems even teach people to do pay-per-click advertising on search engines. This can get very expensive really quickly.

In my opinion, it’s best to look for a system that is easy to duplicate so that most people who work with you can use the same system. Sure, you might be really good at pay-per-click, or at banner ads, or at any one thing, but a good system will teach multiple ways of finding leads. Look for one with different options for different skill levels and personalities. Then you’ll have a winner that your whole team can use successfully.