Traffic Exchanges

Many people in network marketing will, at one point or another, use a free traffic system such as a traffic exchange. If properly utilized, they are valuable tools. However, many people jump right in without getting educated and make at least one of these 3 critical mistakes.

3) Using Autosurf Traffic Exchange instead of Manual Traffic Exchange

One of the biggest lures of the autosurf traffic exchange concept is that you can earn credits without manually clicking on the surfbar for each page. However, if that’s what you’re doing, what is everyone else doing? The same thing. They are on autosurf too. They might be in the kitchen making a sandwich. Is anyone even paying attention to the computer screen? Very likely not. Most people consider autosurf traffic exchanges to be a complete waste of time once they realize this.

Some people think that autosurf will at least drive traffic (even though it is not human) to their website. They hope this will show the search engines that people are visiting their page. However, most search engines are programmed to ignore all traffic from traffic exchanges, even manual traffic exchanges. Unfortunately, there is no SEO benefit to using traffic exchanges, and therefore zero benefit to using autosurf.

2) Failing to Target the Market

When you use a traffic exchange, keep in mind that your audience is not the general population. Your audience is other people using the traffic exchange. These people already have a website that they are trying to promote, and many of them are in some type of network marketing, whether multi-level or affiliate marketing. So most people are not surfing pages and looking for a business opportunity – they are looking for traffic generation. How can your product or service help them promote their business? Can you teach them a new and better way of doing something? How can your lead generation system help them? The best way to grab someone’s attention is to have something they need and want. Keep this in mind when you decide what to promote on a traffic exchange.

1) Using a Duplicated Page

If you’ve spent any amount of time surfing a traffic exchange, you’ve probably seen the same page come up dozens of times. Most likely, you’ve either clicked on it and signed up, clicked on it and decided it’s not for you, or just decided it wasn’t even worth a click. What are the chances that you might even think about clicking on it the next time you see it? Probably not very good.

Many people fail to realize this, and they just promote their duplicated website – either for their network marketing company or their affiliate program. Using the network marketing company page is probably the least productive thing you can do, since very few people surfing a traffic exchange are looking for a company to join. At least with an affiliate program, there’s a chance they might want what you’re offering, even though they’ve already seen it dozens of times.

The best thing to do is to create a splash page that QUICKLY tells people WHY they should look into this particular program. A good headline is really important, because you may only have 1 second to catch their attention if they are power surfing as most people do. Experiment with headlines using a rotator and tracking codes. The entire splash page should take less than 10 seconds to read. A link at the bottom can then send them to your duplicated page because now they know how important the page really is. Get the point across quickly and effectively and you’ll start to see better results.

More Tips on Traffic Exchanges

Power Surfing – Use several different traffic exchanges at the same time, but in different tabs on your browser. Click on the first, and while that timer is counting down, go to the next tab (Ctrl + Tab) and click on that one, etc.

Surf Ratio – I look for at least a 3:1 surf ratio, which means you have to view 3 pages to earn 1 credit. Some are 2:1, 1.5:1, or even 1:1. Most traffic exchanges will only give a 1:1 ratios to paid members, but some will give 1:1 to free members.

Paying for an Upgraded Account – I recommend that you don’t do this, at least not right away. Try it for free first. There are some exchanges that you’ll like better than others. Plus, if you are power surfing several exchanges, it can add up very quickly. $8/mo times 8 exchanges equals an extra $64/mo in overhead. That might make it difficult for many people to duplicate what you’re doing. Once your business is producing money every month, then you can go back and upgrade.

To Promote or Not To Promote – I always recommend that you promote a traffic exchange for what it really is, and that is a way to get traffic. I think that promoting it as a money-making opportunity is a waste of time. Sure, you might make a couple of bucks in the short term, but in the long term you’ll have much better results if you put that energy into promoting your network marketing company. Plus, many network marketing companies don’t allow you to promote another money-making opportunity (this is usually in the policies and procedures.)

Set a Daily Goal – Decide ahead of time how many pages you are willing to surf every day. Traffic exchanges can be very addicting, especially for the green personality (also known as the urchin or melancholy personality.) Set a limit, and once you hit that limit, move on to something else.

Browser – Use the Firefox web browser and install the NoScript add-on. This will stop most of the audio and pop-ups from the pages you view in the traffic exchange frame. You will need to “allow” scripts for each traffic exchange that you use so the countdown timer will work, etc. Don’t allow any scripts other than the site you are surfing on. This will help you surf more efficiently.

My Favorite Tools

Free Traffic Exchanges

Watch the orange bar (the same one that shows how many pages you’ve viewed) for your free bonuses. They usually come along every 50 pages or so.

Traffic Splash
Bonus pages show up in the main frame, so be on the lookout. You must click them to claim them.

Check out their bracket surfing contest.

Dragon Surf
Your surf ratio starts at 3:1, which is 0.33 credits per page viewed. After 100 pages it goes to 0.53. After 200 it goes to 0.73. Even more with the Super Surf bonus – I’ve gotten up to 1.46 per click! Also, random bonus pages how up without the need to find them in the main frame.

Super Surf bonus: Surf StartXchange, Traffic-Splash, ILoveHits, and Dragon Surf at the same time and get a 10% or more bonus on each site. No need to register anywhere, just start clicking on all 4 exchanges. It takes about 2-3 minutes before the bonus kicks in.


3 traffic exchanges, and you get bonuses when you surf all 3. The above banner will allow you to sign up for all 3.

The best one of these is Royal Surf. They have built in Quest pages that give you bonus credits – watch the main frame for this and other bonuses. Also check out their weekly Joust which is automatic based on how much you surf. Royal Surf is one of the most “fun” traffic exchanges out there.
On Traffic Witch, you’ll need to watch directly under the surfbar to claim your bonus credits.


Surf 250 pages in a day and get a credit bonus on Hit Safari. Watch the main frame for a bonus page on which you select from 1 of 2 sunken treasure chests.

Surf 250 pages in a day and get a credit bonus on Deep Sea Hits. Also part of Power Surf Central.

Part of Power Surf Central. Watch the main frame so you can claim your bonuses.

Part of Power Surf Central.

Power Surf Central – surf 100 pages in a day at all 3 traffic exchanges and get an extra 30 credits, 100 banners, and 200 text ads at all 3 traffic exchanges: Hit Safari, RealHitz4U, and Soaring4Traffic. After you’ve signed up for all 3 sites, you’ll need to register for Power Surf Central by following the link in any one of the 3 sites.


Free Rotator – Great for testing different splash pages. You can just put 5 of them in here to test, and you don’t have to change them in every traffic exchange every time you make some changes.

Create and 5 Rotate Splash Pages, Tracking, Rotate 10 Banners

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