Warm Market Leads

If you’re like most people, when you first got into network marketing, your sponsor had you make a list of all your friends and family. You probably even had your upline superstar guru working with you, which probably made you feel special. The goal was simple: call everyone and tell them how excited you were about something that you knew nothing about. Invite them all over, and the superstar would close them in to the deal, and you’d all get rich.

Sounded good at first, didn’t it? But then what happened? You were laughed at behind your back because you “got sucked in to one of those things that never works.” Your family tried to convince you to stop throwing your money away. Half of your friends started screening your calls and stopped calling you back. Hold on just a minute – didn’t they say how it’s really simple? Just invite everyone over and they’ll sign up and you’ll all make a fortune?

This method of operation is on the order of 50 years old, and unfortunately, it just doesn’t work anymore – at least not for most people. There are some, maybe 1 out of 20 people or so, who have the right kind of influence among those they are close to. They can do it this way, but unfortunately, most people can’t. So if you tried this and failed, please understand 2 very important things: You are not alone, and more importantly, it’s not your fault!

The biggest problem with the friends and family approach is that your prospects are not targeted. When you correctly target the market, you are only talking to people who want what you have to offer. Do your friends and family really WANT what you are offering? Sure, they probably NEED more money, or a new car, or money for college. But – how bad do they really WANT it? Are they happy coming home from work and watching TV? Praying that they win the lottery? Or, do they WANT it bad enough that they are already trying to do something about it? The concept of needs versus wants is very important. It’s best to talk to people who WANT what you have to offer.

“But if it doesn’t work, why would our upline superstar mega-sponsoring guru tell us to do it this way?” The answer might really open your eyes, or even make you mad. In most cases, it comes down to one word: leverage. A lot of times, although not every time, here’s what is really happening: The upline guru wants to go through your list and find that one person who can really get the business rolling. They’re looking for that one person with the right kind of influence and a really big list of people with lots of resources and influence. They need to go through your list, and if they don’t find anyone like that, then they hope you sponsor at least one person before you drop out so they can go through that new person’s list, and so on. In most cases, they just want to leverage you to find who they are really looking for. Do you still feel special to be working side by side with a superstar?

Now, there’s a chance that you’re sitting there shaking your head and saying, “Ha! I did just fine with the family and friends approach. I’ve already got 200 people on my team!” If that’s you, let me ask you this question: How is your downline doing? Can they keep up with you? Do they even stay in the business? You may have had 200 join you, but did 190 of them drop out 6 months later? Is there any duplication on your team? The friends and family system is not easily duplicated by most people.

So it doesn’t work to chase people who you know. Okay, so let’s go after people we don’t know. Sounds simple enough – and if they end up screening your calls, then it’s no big deal!

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