Lead Generation System Specifics

Now we’ll take a look at a few more specific things about lead generation systems. This should help you tell the difference between the average and the good, or the good and the great. Seemingly small differences can become night and day when put into practice. Let’s take a look at some qualities of a great system.

A great lead generation system will have lots of training. Not just training on how the system works and how to get leads, but training on what to do and what to say when you actually talk to those leads. Do they have training calls on advertising, social networking, blogging, business networking, video marketing, writing headlines, article marketing, traffic exchanges, and safelists? Most do. But – do they have training on personal development? Leadership? Identifying personality types and people’s hot buttons? The correct way to follow up with different types of people? Most people have never had leads to talk to, so they think that’s their problem. Then, when they get leads, they realize that they don’t have the skills they need to handle those leads. That’s why a complete training system is important. Great programs will allow you to listen in to all the trainings before you even sign up.

A great lead generation system will keep you focused on building relationships, since that’s what will ultimately build your network marketing business. Unfortunately, there are many multi-level marketing programs or affiliate programs that are masquerading as lead generation systems. These programs are overpriced so they can pay out commissions to your upline. There are three big problems with this: 1) it takes your focus away from building relationships and puts it on making short term money, 2) many network marketing companies do not allow their distributors to participate in any other money-making opportunities (you did read your policies and procedures, right?) so you can actually be terminated for it, and 3) most people don’t like the idea of trying to make money off of someone who is struggling in network marketing, especially when they are promising to help them. Always keep focused on the relationship and the rest will fall into place.

A great lead generation system will be created, tweaked, and USED by someone who is massively successful in the business TODAY. Many programs were created by someone who was a guru 10 years ago, and doesn’t (or can’t) do it anymore, so he creates a so-called system that has marginal results so he can sell it to networkers. Always look and see who created and designed the system. What did that person do in the past? What are they doing today? What system do they currently use? A true leader will practice what he preaches. Can you call him on the phone and chat with him? Again it comes back to duplication. If the guru is successful because he is USING his system, then you have a good chance if you use it too. If the guru is successful because he is SELLING his system, how can you duplicate that?

One last thing about a good system is that it should be all-inclusive. You should have everything you need once you sign up. Beware of anything that is $20/mo for the back office plus $20/mo for the auto-responder plus $20/mo for your own unique passcode for the training calls…or for web hosting…etc. You should be able to find everything included for under $25/mo. Also, please beware that you should never pay for training, coaching, mentoring, or whatever they call it. A good coach or mentor will help you for free – because they know they are building a relationship, name recognition, etc. If you are looking for a lead generation system, I hope I’ve helped give you the guidance necessary to pick out one that will work for you.

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A special note on using Traffic Exchanges.


  1. Thank you. I am new to this business and was wondering what exactly I should look for in lead generation systems and you laid it out very nicely.

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